Sunday, June 19, 2011

The good life

Study study study! I need to have more concentration!
Especially when its for my final paper in degree (cross-fingers).
I can't stop thinking about going home to my girls, but I'm not ready to leave Melbourne just yet. Its too quick! (thats in less than a month btw) :( :(

I love being independent here.
But knowing me, I'm probably gonna start taking everything for granted once again. :(
Gonna miss these chill-out moments...
Random tea time at cafes.

Yes, clubs in Melb beats KL's anytime! :p

The one I'm gonna miss most.
Being able to be outdoor during the day without the worry of being sweaty and sticky!

Taking things for granted; having mum almost 24/7 around me!
And Malaysia's cheap food delivery services, and MY CAR!
Ever thought of moving out, getting my own place?
Definitely. But with "nada" constant salary going into my bank account now,
looking for my own place is definitely not an option.

Hmm.. Lots to think about after finals.
And who would have thought that after completing a degree course, life would be easier..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Almost forgotten about the existence of this blog.
Miss procrastinator number 1.
Feeling rather relaxed and in a serene mind state.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally down

And I thought I was the only one with strong immune system after the trip. Ended up with hay fever, started a couple days back. I always had allergies to dust and pollen since young. That's why mommie kept all my soft toys away from my bed. :(
Hopefully will get better soon and will update on GC trip then.
On the other hand, I'm being treated super good at work. They offered me this and that.... Kinda love everyone there now. :) Wasted that I had to decline one of the offers as mommie said it will be too big of a responsibility on my shoulder. Oh well. Better safe than sorry. Heh. :)
Ahh.. Headache~ *hachooo*. Excuse me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Look at us

While I'm down..
Thank you..
For letting me know that you'll always be there no matter what happens and no matter where I am..
And for being you, who never fails to be honest and truthful to me..
I heart you. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

All Time Low

I am back~! After a long assignment rush. Well not exactly long, seeing that I'm always doing it in the last minute. :P Anyways.. I left off with Merdeka eve! And Monash Winter Ball, and skiing day trip, and mooncake festival! :D

Absinthe babeh~ Or was it ABC? Or 151? I forgot.

Mizz Nina in the house yaw!
Pardon the high-ness. hehe.

Pole dancer.

So after the ball, we went to Seven. And when back to Frankston, the driver of Stony Point line did not stop at our stop, thinking that there were no people getting off.
We ended up at Stony Point, with the conductor personally telling us what's up at every stops. Mostly were country side, then there was the Navy base. :) Then at the last stop, the beach.

Next stop, Lake Mountain.
Twilight much?
Toboggan :)

Surprise visit from the Samada people. :)

I'm too lazy to elaborate with words. Sleepy.
A lot more pictures already uploaded on Facebook. :)
Happy holidays people! Gold Coast, here i come~
Bye. :P